Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering

The objective of the Integrated Master in Mechanical Engineering (MIEM) is to educate Mechanical Engineers with skills to: develop, coordinate and implement projects, propose technically and economically competitive solutions, make sound decisions, manage and control processes, develop scientific research projects. To this end, the integrated master gives a solid preparation in the basic sciences of engineering, covering the areas of solids and fluids mechanics, applied thermodynamics, structural mechanics, materials characteristics and behavior, and manufacturing processes; and also special skills in the design, project, manufacturing and operation of systems and products of mechanical engineering.

Given the great diversity of areas of interest of Mechanical Engineering, the MIEM is a broadband course, particularly suited to meet the requirements of companies (industrial or service) and organizations (public or private) in the fields of Mechanical Engineering (in the project, production, engineering consultancy, education and research and, in the management of energy resources and the management and maintenance in the industrial sector). Mechanical Engineers of the FCT / UNL must demonstrate in their work, a multidisciplinary vision and the ability to devise strategies for organizational and technological development.

In recent years, and in an increasingly globalized world, the Mechanical Engineers have been faced not only with constraints of economic, social, ethical and environmental nature, but also with increasingly complex technological challenges, requiring increasingly high skills and interdisciplinarity. In their work and using their skills to integrate knowledge, handle new complex and non-familiar issues, the Mechanical Engineers must be able to intervene at various levels, from design and innovation to implementation and coordination and also to self-learning.

MIEM results from the adequacy to the Bologna Process of the Mechanical Engineering Degree from the FCT / UNL. Among the characteristics highlighted by the evaluations done to this course one can note:

  • The teaching of Base Science, which is a differentiating characteristic and is, unequivocally, one of its most positive points.
  • Good size of student population, as result of a moderate numerus clausus kept around 55 students, which allows an education that is clearly distinct from an education of the masses.
  • The good relationship between teachers and students, much appreciated and praised by the last ones, which benefits teaching.
  • The great dedication of teachers to education, reflected in many aspects, in particular its commitment to carrying out experimental work.
  • The availability of balanced and functional facilities.

MIEM Curricular Plan

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