Quality Engineering

The Quality Engineering Center (QEC) has five doctoral faculty. The teaching activity provided by the QEC, the level of Degree Courses, Masters and PhD, unfolds in a wide range of topics, covering almost the entire body of knowledge currently associated with the field of Quality Engineering.

The research activity developed and / or guided by the core faculty has been contemplating different areas, including not limited to:

  • Research within the Statistical process control, including the level control short production series, the statistical real-time control and integration of automatic control with statistical control;
  • Research under the Factorial Design experiences and their application to production processes with a view to improving its quality;
  • Research related to the 6-Sigma methodology and its application in industrial and service companies;
  • Research under the models of Assurance;
  • Research relating to the adoption of methods and quality practices by companies, both nationally and internationally;
  • Research on Quality in Services, in particular in the field of service recovery and analysis of service capacity.


The dissemination of scientific work at the Center is ensured through presentations and publications in national and international events. The QEC maintains contact with other educational and research units at European level, notably through participation in international projects. Finally, it is worth to mention the existence of a Quality Engineering Laboratory, equipped to support teaching and research activities that take place within the core. This laboratory houses distribution simulators and experience of planning, automatic acquisition equipment survey data, some metrological resources and also different types of oriented software for the collection, analysis and processing of information.