Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management

The Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management (MIEGI) results from the adequacy to the Bologna Process, in 2008/2009, of the degree with the same name. This degree, previously called Industrial Production Engineering, was one of the oldest of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Having been founded in 1978, reached a consolidation and national notoriety through nearly half a thousand graduated students.

The central objective of MIEGI is to educate industrial engineers at university level with a solid preparation in engineering sciences, covering the areas of Production Management, Industrial Logistics, Quality Engineering, Ergonomics, Economic Engineering, Technology and Information Systems, Industrial Technology and Automation, and Computer-aided Design and Production in integrated production environments.

Given the great diversity of areas of interest of Industrial Engineering, the MIEGI provides the student sound and updated knowledge,compatible with the needs of companies (industrial or service) and organizations (public or private) in the following areas:

  • Design and management of production systems
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Forecasting and decision-making models
  • Planning and production control systems
  • Industrial simulation
  • Computer integrated production
  • Project Management
  • Location and implantation
  • Information and communication technologies and systems
  • Industrial logistics and supply chain management
  • Management of purchase, storage and transportation
  • Quality management and control in industry and services
  • Reliability and maintenance management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Study of work, ergonomics and health and safety at work.

A practical approach for knowledge integration in experimental works of didactic nature is preferred for the disciplines of terminal level, benefiting from the activities of scientific and technological research undertaken with the industry.

MIEGI Curricular Plan

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