Doctoral Programs (3rd cicle)

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DEMI) currently offers two doctoral programs, one in Mechanical Engineering (DEM) and one in Industrial Engineering (DEI). The two doctoral programs are structured in accordance with the Bologna process and aim to provide high quality standard specialized training in fundamental and applied areas of Industrial Engineering (DEI) and Mechanical Engineering (DEM).

The typical duration of each program is 3 years at full time (180 ECTS), corresponding the first year to the curricular component (Doctoral Course) and the subsequent 2 years to the research and thesis development component.

Since 1985, the FCT-UNL’s DEMI (and the previous units) graduated more than 30 doctors in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, either internally or in partnership with other national and foreign universities.

The doctoral programs benefit from the experience and involvement of DEMI’s teachers in research activities. These ones develop research work in 8 research centers funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology. Half of these centers are located on the campus of the FCT and the others at the Technical University of Lisbon.

DEMI’s Research

PhD in Mechanical Engineering
PhD in Industrial Engineering